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It’s been a busy week for Coalfields Regeneration Trust and for Blantyre Steering Group. If you recall Coalfields have been hosting meetings throughout the Autumn and Winter to discuss public ideas as to how Blantyre can be improved.

Public organisations were invited along to a funding surgery on Monday 14th January 2019 to Terminal One where they could submit their applications for ideas worth funding. Coalfields have £20,000 to invest in Blantyre and several community groups took up the offer of applying for a varied range of great ideas. There’s still time for groups to submit their applications but if they missed the funding surgery, they will need to meet up with Coalfields Staff member , Pauline Grandison. She can be contacted on 01259 230910. The deadline if YOUR organisation wants to apply is 6th February 2019.

Blantyre Steering Group then met again last night in Terminal One. The meeting was well attended by steering group members, community residents who had earlier volunteered themselves for this role. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss a FREE fun day, which looks likely to take place in mid February at the Sports Centre. (more on that soon!). The public will then get a chance to vote for their favourites from all the submitted applications. The lucky groups picked will then be considered for funds.

Meantime, the Community in Blantyre has been providing surveys of how Blantyre can be improved. Many hundreds have been collected already. If YOU have still to submit a quick survey, you can do it here. 

Click on survey link below:

The deadline for surveys is 31st January 2019. All submitted entries stand a good chance of winning £50.

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