Your Vision is Our Vision.

Blantyre Futures, as always is about consultation with the people of Blantyre. Our analysis of your Surveys and Feedback from thousands of Blantyre people has created the following Shared Vision for Our Community in Blantyre. Here’s what you said.

  • Give children a voice. Be the best community we can.
  • A Brilliant centre for young people and the community to enjoy.
  • Clean, friendly areas for everyone to enjoy. Be a closer community and not have any trouble in our wee town.
  • Strong personal identity and pride of young people in particular to the history and wellbeing of Blantyre.
  • More shops, cleaner streets and maintenance of open areas.
  • Hopefully more for the kids as the are our future.
  • Safe, friendly, accepting place with more amenities for all.
  • Somewhere that everyone in community feels safe whether young or old, with the opportunity to use facilities in the community that provide inclusiveness and tackle social isolation.
  • Blantyre needs to be a thriving community with well-placed small local businesses re-enforcing the unique community spirit.
  • A place where everyone feels safe and happy with the knowledge that not only do they have a strong, local police presence, but the whole neighbourhood would be a force to be reckoned with.
  • An integrated community where people of all ages participate in activities or events which are either free or have a very small cost.
  • There should be a local centre that the community could meet in.
  • Inclusiveness and inviting all individuals, businesses, organisations to be involved through spirit of collaborative effort.
  • A thriving community working well and peacefully together.
  • Young people having more say about their home.
  • Making Blantyre a destination of choice.

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